Liverpool, drama Karius. Kahn: "But the worst is yet to come"

Liverpool, drama Karius. Kahn: "But the worst is yet to come"

Today is even worse than yesterday. Because the feeling of embarrassment does not pass. The shame, let alone the disappointment. It was not a nightmare, yesterday Karius really made two sensational mistakes that allowed Real Madrid to win the Champions League final against Liverpool. "I'm sorry for all the club's people," explained the German goalkeeper, "my mistakes cost a lot, I ruined the game, I disappointed my team, it's very tough, but the goalkeeper's life is this. If I could go back in time I would do it ". However, the tape can not be rewound. If you could, it would only be to review the movie of its mistakes that, it is inevitable, will remain eternal.

Loris Karius. Epa

SOLIDARITY – Curiously yesterday to comment on Karius' seratace on the ZDF (public TV in Germany) was Oliver Kahn. German football legend, the former Bayern and national goalkeeper in 2002 was awarded as the best player of the World Cup even before playing the final match against Brazil. The race, tense and balanced, however, was decided by his mistake: Kahn was unable to hold back a shot from outside Rivaldo and served, in fact, to Ronaldo the ball of 1-0. That's why today Kahn knows what Karius feels: "I have no words. I do not remember seeing any more obvious and brutal errors. It can happen, but in the final it is dramatic. Taking an evening out of your mind is not easy, it can destroy a whole career. If he plays well he will not be interested in anyone and he will have to accept it. The problem is that there are people so stupid that they will always remember the evening yesterday. What he felt at the end of the game is nothing compared to what he will try today and every time he thinks about it ".
LIMITS – That Karius is not a phenomenon but we know for some time. In the summer of 2015, Mainz, in order to avoid losing him on a free transfer, made him play the game despite having taken Gianluca Curci who had just freed himself from Roma. There was a will to make money, for this he focused on the German, although in society they were not convinced of him. Curci was sacrificed, who in an interview released in December 2016 to the Gazzetta explained his difficulties in playing with Mainz: "Last year the club decided to sell Karius and could not leave it out. Last summer the coach told me he wanted to bet on me, but just a few weeks into the championship I had a calf problem and having started the season with Lössl he did not want to change any more ". The offer of 6,

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CONSOLATION – Yet not everyone can take it out with Karius. Between social and newspapers, many women, fascinated by her physical appearance, line up on her side. On T-Online was even published an editorial signed by Maria Holzhauer in which it is consoled by stating that "with that physique and that little face can not make bad figures". It will be, but probably for him today is even harder than yesterday.

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